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By Dustin Stinett


The Genii Forum’s 2014 In Review

When I look back over the last year, I am staggered by the number of posts that were generated and the number of views they all had. I never had really thought about it before, but I started to ponder the incredible amount of time—collectively speaking of course—that was spent writing and reading them. It made me think of a lyric written by Don Henley (The Eagles):

And I know what’s been on your mind
You’re afraid it’s all been wasted time

But not at all. In fact, we should take our lesson from the novel Phrynette Married (1912) by Marthe Troly-Curtin:

He liked it—time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

So I will stop “wasting” this time and jump right into our annual look back over the last year here on the Genii Forum:


On the Cover of Genii: The Los Angeles Conference on Magic History

Getting Technical

Stephen Hobbs launches an incredible—and free—website called “Stephen Hobbs’ Technical Toolbox.” Featuring sleight of hand with playing cards, a new piece is scheduled to be posted each Friday throughout the coming year.

Teller Speaks … in Print

Teller pens a review of Undiluted Hocus-Pocus: The autobiography of Martin Gardner in the pages of The New York Times (“Sunday Book Review”): describes the yet-to-be-released film thusly: “Based on a true Midwest horror story, Decay tells the story of Jonathan [Robby Z.], a middle-aged groundskeeper at a theme park with a terrible case of OCD. Jonathan comes home to find an unexpected guest in his basement (Katlyn), and through a jarring turn of events, she ends up dead. Scarred from an abusive childhood and inherited distrust of the police, Jonathan chooses not to report the death and instead, invites the girl to dinner. With his new companion, Jonathan has never been happier, until the girl, and his mind, begin to decay.”


Just Three Words: Orson Freakin’ Welles

Okay, yeah, three more words: Talkin’ About Magic

Got a Little Time to Kill?

The British Pathé releases 85,000 films on YouTube including countless high resolution films featuring many great magicians. Happy hunting … … n-youtube/

Because When I Think “Easter,” I Always Think “Houdini”

Viewers are invited by Keven Connolly to spend “Easter Sunday with Houdini” when a documentary on HH airs in Great Britain.

Because When I Think “Easter,” I Always Think “Max Maven”

With due respect to Houdini, many of us spend Easter Sunday with Max Maven who does a four hour online lecture through Penguin Magic. (The lecture is still available as a download or streaming video and is well worth the price.)

Someone Resembles That Remark

Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central) airs a skit that hits close to home—for some anyway: … -magic-man


On the Cover of Genii: Shigeru Sugawara

RJ in the WSJ

Ricky Jay is featured in The Wall Street Journal: … 1218724060


Fortunately there were no injuries when a Sydney, Australia magic shop—“Hey Presto”—caught fire. Most of the damage to the shop—as well as several surrounding establishments—was cause by water. The culprit is believed to be flash paper.

More Carbonaro

How good is “The Carbonaro Effect”? The show is quickly renewed for another 13 episodes. Mr. Carbonaro discusses the show in this clip and explains the concept exceptionally well within the first two minutes, but the entire interview is excellent:

Is it 800 Pounds?

Uri Geller takes delivery of a gorilla statue made entirely of—what else—spoons.

Because When I Think “David Copperfield,” I Always Think “The Amazing Race”

David Copperfield appears on the “reality” television program “The Amazing Race” where he created a challenge for the contestants on the show.

Houdini … Depp … Oh Why Not

It is reported that Johnny Depp is in talks to play Harry Houdini in Lionsgate’s film adaptation of the Kalush/Sloman book on the escapologist.


On the Cover of Genii: The Illusionists 2.0

Hell Freezes Over. Wonders Cease. Pigs Fly.

Richard Kaufman announces another Genii Convention. (And there is a banana missing from his bunch. His load is a brick short. His deck isn’t full. But he’s serious. See for yourself—and REGISTER! )

David Copperfield: Jet Setter

David Copperfield appears in the pages of Business Jet Traveler. His favorite aircraft? Why a Bombardier Challenger 300 or 604 of course. After all, either one can get him from Las Vegas to Georgetown in the Bahamas in a brisk four hours. From there it’s a mere 15 minutes in a Cessna or Pilatus to his private airstrip on Musha Cay. (Isn’t that what everyone does?)

Bitter Sweet

Amazing Johnathan and Anastasia Synn marry in Las Vegas. Sadly, AJ’s health is deteriorating quickly and he later announces that he has about a year to live. Hopefully the memories of this special day will remain with him and his wonderful bride for eternity: … las-vegas/

Magicians Got Talent: Part One

Magician Darcy Oake appears in the finals of “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Because When I Think “David Copperfield,” I Always Think “American Restoration”

David Copperfield makes an appearance on another “reality” television program. This time it is The History Channel’s “American Restoration.” Besides David, we also see Homer Liwag and Chris Kenner. The stars of the show are commissioned to restore two of David’s items from his museum, though they are not magic items. They are from his extensive collection of DeMoulin Brothers “Fraternal Supplies” (gags used for initiations into fraternal organizations) that date back to the early 20th century. One is the ever popular “Ferris Wheel Coaster Goat” and the other the “Knife Throwing Stunt.” (These and other wonders can be found in the DeMoulin catalogue of 1930 seen here.)

Magic Illuminates the Luminato Festival

Magicana—David Ben and Julie Eng’s wonderful organization dedicated to the art and craft of magic—organize three magic events at the annual Luminato Festival in Toronto, Canada. David Ben performs his show “Card Table Artifice,” Rob Zabrecky performs “Turn on the Dark!” and Rob Drummond stars in a performance of “Bullet Catch,” a “theatrical …read more

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